Quality Control

We apply so strict traceability system that guarantees Product ID from cultivation to consumption. We have our own supervisors and specialists in every stage of the supply chain including cultivation, harvesting, drying, dehydration , production, processing, packing, and exporting This is of course in addition to the regular periodic inspection performed by our inspection bodies to follow the implementation of Organic Farming regulations & procedures

Our validated quality assurance testing includes:

• Organoleptic testing to ensure proper appearance, color, aroma and flavor.
• Microscopic and Macroscopic inspection for foreign matter.
• Identification, to verify purity and authenticity.
• Heavy metal analysis performed as per our customers request.
• Microbiology testing for pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella.
• Chemical analyses for moisture content, volatile oil, ash and acid insoluble ash.
• Pesticide residues analysis


Our raw material and final products must have the following tests and checks:

• Labelling and traceability compliance
• Purity percentage
• Packing material (clean and sealed)
• Color
• Taste
• Odor
• Size
• Percentage of oils
• Insects and mold infections
• Moisture percentage
• Pesticide residues
• Reception test records should be filed and kept with all test analysis results

• We have a full allergen prevention program and have implemented tight controls in our manufacturing processes to prevent cross-contamination of our products with allergens
Separation of Organic and None - Organic products
• Our company follows so strict policy of production separation on all stages of production starting from cultivation and ending with the finished product.
Metal Detection
• Very dangerous challenge is the metallic pieces that might exist in product while processing. This is highly controlled through two different stages of prevention : • 1 ) High & strong sensitivity magnets at the input and outputs of every machinery • 2) Metal detection machinery in which the product must pass through directly before packing in final packages.
PA Content
• PA content must be analyzed and we must get sure of its compliance after consulting our quality assurange with cooradination & notification with our customer specification and requirements
New pesticides residues to be analyzed eg. Glyphosat
• Every day our quality department is updated with new requirements & procedures on quality level. Such new pesticides like glyphosat must be analyzed. Our quality department is concerned to notify our lab to add any new pesticides to be analyzed and detected to keep safety of product quality
Statement of Quality
• Superior quality has always been the goal & main priority at Eg Organic Herbs. To fulfill customers’ expectations for high quality products, Egy Herbal continues to upgrade its quality control facilities and processes. With our modern equipment and professional personnel, we have made a commitment to continued excellence in product quality
• Eg Organic Herbs is dedicated to providing the freshest and purest herbs , spices , seed , essential oils , dehydrated vegetables. We strive to offer only those herbs and spices with verified quality. All of our products emerge from the combined efforts of everyone at Egy Herbal from our farmers, to experienced lab technicians and machine operators, to our service-oriented, knowledgeable sales staff.
Farming Expertise
• Our quality begins with the knowledge and experience of our raw material farmers. Direct & self cultivating of our own farms ensures that the integrity of our products is consistent and the finest quality available. Our farmers work closely with our quality control staff, before and after the products arrive, to continually monitor our raw materials. We audit all our farmers yearly to assure they meet our Organic regulations & GMP requirements.
Controlled Processing
• Our integrated, modern machinery gives us total control in providing the correct quality specifications. Through visual inspection and testing at different lab, we insure that the finished product will meet our stringent specifications of our customers. At each stage of production, our quality control staff inspects and approves each product before it is allowed to proceed to the next process.
Laboratory Analysis
• Our professional staff continuously monitors product quality to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Random samples from all raw materials are thoroughly tested and compared to our quality specs & customer quality requirements to verify authenticity and assure conformity. All lot samples are kept for five years and can be traced for verification. • Egy Herbal utilizes not only our accredited QCAP laboratory, but also GBA lab ( Germany) to guarantee our analyses are complete and verified. Testing includes organoleptic analysis for aroma, color, flavor and texture. Physical testing involves moisture, volatile oil content, heavy metals, microbiology, pesticide residues, and other tests specific to each herb.

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